Title : Six Legs Jazz Club John R. Christensen & Dick Cappon
Six Legs Jazz Club, a journey to uncovering your best life.

A relevant and practical guide for those who struggle with their AT position in life and work.
Within the covers of Six Legs Jazz Club, co-authored with Dick Cappon, reside key strategies and thought collections which illustrate how to begin a unique self-renewal process that provides a grounding of greater personal clarity, confidence and control.

The key strategies within Six Legs urge readers to pursue reflective, mental excursions into their life. Thought-work exercises help isolate the truth of who they really are. From that focus can be determined what possibilities lay ahead that can change the course of their future from good to better to best.

The reward to the reader is Six Legs gets serious about providing the tools to putting the ‘jazz’ back into living a more harmonious, fulfilling life.

Reader Reviews

"A captivating, easy-to-apply book that gets to the crux of your values, strengths and skills in a ‘kick back’ introspective manner."

"The book was invaluable. It helped me refocus and set my future goals and what I want to accomplish in life over the next ten years."

"An amazing document, forces you to reflect, as helpful to a twenty year old as a fifty year old. Absolutely the most relevant and practical book I’ve read recently in making a career change."

"I liked the way the book flowed through the narrative and the CEO back-story – a great connector to the exercises. I especially liked the sections of Change Actions at the end of the book."

"Wow, what a great book! I read it on holidays in Tofino and couldn’t put it down."

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