Title : Drops Of Jupiter John R. Christensen
Drops Of Jupiter

Looking for a surreal adventure? Drops of Jupiter takes you into the deep Amazon, Northern Canada and the international corporate jungle. CEO Lindsey Dunn of XKong Energy Group is fighting for the life of her company. Speculative mining is a cutthroat business and the CEO has her fair share of boardroom backstabbing and corporate espionage.

The company’s lifeline may be the new mineral find in the Amazon by Fernando Martins, senior exploration geologist. The mineral may be the answer to the world’s energy problems and Lindsey is trying to keep it quiet so they can secure the mining rights.

This novel is a winding road through fantasy and reality, crafted with detours and diversions. The protagonist finds herself shadowed by the inner search for belonging as revelations overturn her resistance to new truths.

Reader Reviews

"Christensen has a knack for storytelling. He creates memorable characters and gets right down to the action with little fluff. He builds his main character Lindsey with ease and supports well with entertaining secondary characters. You won’t believe what happens to Lindsey on a road trip to an old mine in Northern Canada. Quite the twist!"

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"Your research of culture, science and country (Hungary) is complete, informative and impressive. Your description of scenes is totally colorful and satisfying."

"This book kept me intrigued from beginning to end. It is fast moving, an interesting story and a mystery that kept me wanting to find out what happens next. A couple of my favorite authors are Michael Crichton and Anne Rand. I found a flavor of each in the story."

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