Title : A Promising Wind John R. Christensen
A Captivating, Memorable Read.

This engaging Canadian fiction captures the summer of 1952. It’s a powerful coming-of-age story that explores the rigid family life and gallantry of a young man named Ely Good fellow. A Promising Wind is a well-crafted novel attractive to a broad range of readers.

Ely is compelled suddenly to leave his parents’ thin-soiled prairie farm and jump a freight train destined for Nova Scotia. Ely’s spirit and beliefs are constantly challenged by a mixture of eclectic characters inhabiting the story. Multiple story strands intertwine, and the veiled tone of the narrative leaves us with a sense of secrets hidden everywhere. Ely emerges as a young man of considerable strength and courage.

Reader Reviews

"Christensen’s writing style is polished. His character development and storytelling is top notch. Within a few pages I was comparing his writing to Grisham’s “A Painted House”, but better."

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"I felt really engaged in the unfolding story and to contemplate the lessons even when the story is finished. I particularly loved the aspect of ‘another world’ of spirits, intuition and other senses."

"Great story telling. The surprising complexity of the community sneaks up on you, yet it has the warmth of circumstance. The words and imagery are incredible, like movie scenes playing in my head."

"I read a lot and it takes a really good book to keep me captivated – yours did! I was not able to put it down (unless I absolutely had to) until I finished it."

"A wonderful read. The characters were real to me! I could identify them all and wanted to keep reading to discover how their issues in life would be resolved."

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