JOHN CHRISTENSEN Leadership Coach – Author – Speaker

John is a well-respected leadership development coach. He works with a wide range of organizations in developing and enhancing vital business behaviour and performance competencies within senior executive ranks and individuals of high potential. Leadership assessments identifies a profile of individual strengths and characteristics as a backdrop to development plans.



As a complement to his coaching business, John has developed and published a cutting-edge professional coaching process called the Co-Pilot™ Professional Coaching System. John has certified professional coaches in Canada, United States and Europe on Co-Pilot™.

Co-Pilot™ presents a guiding structure for managing a coaching practice. The Co-Pilot™ process guides individuals to unlocking their potential with an inspired flight plan towards the achievement of a more significant and satisfying future.



John has written extensively on the topics of leadership, coaching and self-development, as well as authoring a variety of articles, short stories and novels. John has many interests in addition to creative writing including that of a published lyricist. He is an engaging speaker on the topic of self-development. John lives with his wife Hazel in Burlington, Ontario.

You can contact John at: